Syed Manzoor ul Hassan

Syed Manzoor ul Hassan has been under the tutelage of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi since 1990 and is currently the Editor of the Monthly Ishraq. He has Master degrees in Islamic Studies and Political Science from Islamia University Bahawalpur and Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan and holds an M. Phil degree from G.C University Lahore, Pakistan.

His current work is a comparative study of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi's book Mizan (a treatise on the contents of Islam). He is the author of six books which are Ifadaat, Tanqiaat, Shazraat, Mukhtaraat, Isalam aur Fanoon-e-Latifah (Islam and Fine Arts) and Hadith o Sunnat ki Hujjiat (Authority of Hadith and Sunnah).