5 Monthly Renaissance September 2020 Editorial Unsung Heroes Dr Shehzad Saleem Wicked people make headlines since they create a stir in the society. The media also projects them. Such is the dismal picture which is painted that it seems as if the vast majority of a society consists of rogues and ruffians. Let us not be fooled by this rather unrealistic portrayal. Such despicable individuals are in a very small minority in most societies. Their evil acts are so heinous that they overwhelm and overawe us. The true picture however is much brighter and encouraging. In fact, it is inspirational if have a keen eye: all around us are icons of humanity and selflessness. It is just a question of noticing these unsung heroes around us. They have not become popular because for one, small-scale goodness seldom makes news. Such is the large-scale of this small-scale goodness that its cumulative effect clearly shows the great number of good people around us. There are those who educate people around then but live in oblivion. Then there are those who provide clothing and food to the deprived but do not want to be noticed by the public. And then there are people who offer free medical help to the underprivileged but we cannot always spot them with ordinary eyes. People who look after orphans, widows, paupers are all around us. People who supply food to the inmates languishing in jails are present in our society. People who collect surplus food and distribute it to those in need can be sighted here and there. People who provide shelter homes for the homeless, people who adopt children who have no parents, who recycle and