Qur’ ā nic Exegesis 26 Monthly Renaissance September 2020 ۙ طٍ ﻣﺴۡﺘﻘﻴۡﻢٍ ﴿ ÓÔ'ٰ( ٥٢﴾ ٰ ﻵﻹۤ (' ﷲ 7 ' ﻵۡﻹرۡض < ' ﻟﺴﻤٰﻮٰتوﻣﺎ < ﻣﺎ 2 ٰ ﻟﺬيۡ ﻟﻪ ط ﷲ ÓÔ iۡj ﺗﺼ ﻵۡﻹﻣﻮۡر﴿ ٥٣﴾ servants We intend. 67 Certainly [it is because of the immense benefit of this r ūḥ ] that you are guiding towards a straight path. 68 To the path of the God to whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth. Listen! All matters are to return to Him alone. 69 (51-53) Kuala Lumpur 10 th August 2014 ( Translated by Dr Shehzad Saleem ) ـــــــــــــــــــــــــ 67. Ie., he guides those about whom he thinks have the ability to benefit from this light. Im ā m Am ī n A ḥ san I ṣ l āḥī writes: ... Here it should be kept in consideration that just as not every one is worthy of being selected as a prophet; God selects only those among His servants for this position who are worthy of it; in a similar manner, this light too can be received by those who have the ability. Thus these words answer the question of the people who ask why Mu ḥ ammad (sws) was selected from among themselves for this position and why did He leave them out. Moreover, these words also sound an assurance to the Prophet (sws) that not every one can benefit from the light he is showing them; only those will benefit from it who prove themselves worthy of it; this light will blind the eyes of those who are not worthy of it instead of showing guidance to them. (Am ī n A ḥ san I ṣ l āḥī , Tadabbur-i Qur’ ā n , vol. 7, 195) 68. Thus if people want to succeed, they should give due importance to the guidance the Prophet (sws) is providing them with. 69. Here at the end, the addressees are warned that they should be prepared to come to God’s presence and be held answerable for their deeds.