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Eid Holiday


Earlier it was a tradition that children went to their teachers’ homes to get education and the teachers made them learn their lessons. The ones who learned their lesson, they were free to go, while those who couldn’t, had their leave suspended. A poet inspired by this wrote the following verse:

مکتب عشق کا دستور نرالا دیکھا

اس کو چھٹی نہ ملی جس کو سبق یاد ہوا

Translated as: “Observed a unique tradition in the school of love, the one who learnt the lesson was never given respite”

This observation, true or not for the school of love, but is definitely true for the school that opens for the Muslims in the form of fasting during the month of Ramadan. In the month of Ramadan the Muslims are taught that they have the capability to going to any extreme in obeying the Almighty, by making them face the hardships of a fast. Either they have to endure thirst in extremely warm weather or bear the hunger of the long fasts of summer, they have the potential and power to suffer anything for Allah. Most do it for a period of a month but sadly they don’t retain the actual lesson afterwards. Hence as soon as the fasting ends, they are freed. They get bold on vulgarity. They revert to hypocrisy etc.

But whoever learns the actual lesson of fasting i.e. obedience under all circumstances, doesn’t get time off even after fasting ends. He is obedient even after the end of fasting. He avoids every sin and approaches every good deed. Because this is decreed by his Lord. But its not like these people will never get a time off. Soon they will be free from all restrictions. The day of eid is a symbol of the same phenomenon.

Author: Abu Yahya

Date: 06 Sep 2011
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Author : Abu Yahya
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