America and the Muslim World - Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan

America and the Muslim World

America is an unprecedented super power of the world today. The Second World War subsided the countries like Britain, France, Germany and Japan previously known as big powers and this role was assumed by U.S.A and U.S.S.R. America sustained no serious loss in the war and thus became a super power. U.S.S.R assumed the title on account of its huge land, resources and above all million of dedicated communist workers to run the government machinery and keep the integrity of the country intact. Owing to their conflicting economics approaches, both the countries had a rivalry with each other. This rivalry was further intensified due to Russian policy of expansionism and its desire to bring communist revolution in the world under its own leadership. America took it as a justification to counter the Russian threat to whole independent world. This cold war lingered on for forty years till the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. The factors that led to the America success and Soviet defeat would be discussed indirectly here, as the subject requires a detailed discussion.


Super power’s psychology:

A super power always has a psychological desire to retain its dominance as a super power at every cost.

This is a world of struggle. Every nation and every individual endeavors to survive in a position of dominance as the fittest always survives. Hence those who excel others by virtue of struggle and try to retain their status are fully justified.


The factors that maintain a super power and those that led to its downfall:

History has witnessed rise and fall of several nations. A nation having reached the zenith of fame in past might have drowned in the river of oblivion today. There are several main factors that strike a nation with rise or fall suddenly or gradually.


General ethics:

There are some basic qualities that guarantee the integrity and solidarity of a nation. Such qualities, if attained in sublimity can bless a nation with the noblest position. The very first quality is a conviction with one’s land and ideology with a proud and bold association with the society. The second quality is equality among human beings and the existence of a democratic culture, which brings confidence and sense of participation among its inhabitants. Third quality is education and excellence in science and technology, fourth justices and honesty and fifth one is merit. Sixth quality is hard work and respect for it. The eighth quality is the healthy spirit of serving the oppressed class, ninth is wisdom and promotion of dialogue in the society whereas the tenth quality is the overall patience in the nation.

All these qualities are will integrated in the absence of any one of these can weaken the society and nations, among all these qualities, the most striking one is the democratic culture. In the absence of this quality the different aspects of a society are weakened. The fall of the old monarchies in history reveals that they were not accountable to any one and had no treat to there thrones due to there hierarchal system, hence there absolute status, there corruption and there lack of concern towards the affairs of the states lessened the inhabitant’s love for the country and its law which resulted in the total chaos. The dismemberment of the soviet rule in the recent past was also due to lack of a democratic culture, the country made a tremendous progress in the beginning under the ideological banner of communism, later the corruption centralization of power in a few hands, lack of accountability and dishonesty in fused, disappointment among masses and the state become so hollow from inside that it could not sustain even a small blow of afghan crises on the other side, American suffered greater in loss in Vietnam but it did not affect the country in a greater magnitude.

Democracy has such a sustainable strength that a democratic country may loss its status of a super power due to some temporary phenomena but it never collapses absolutely, for example Germany, Japan, Italy, France and Britain had under gone a major setback in the second world war but can still be rated big powers the gross national product of each of these countries is greater then that of the whole Muslim world.


Science and Technology:

It is necessary to excel in science and technology through a remarkable success in the fields of agricultural, industry, physics and defenceetc, in the order to attain and sustain the status of a super power, obviously, it is a vital issue for a super power to again and apply the most advanced information in every field, there is no doubt that all super powers do there best to do that, it was technology that enabled British, French, Portuguese and Dutch forces to bring a huge area of the Muslim world and Afro Asian countries in the 17th and 18thcountries under there subjugation that continued till the med 19th country, the same granted an edge to the British over Sirajuddaula, Sultan Tipu and the freedom fighters in 1857. This difference was the decisive factor in the war between the Sikhs in Syed Ahmad Shaheed. It was the same technology that benefits America in its war against USSR in Afghanistan when the Americans managed to end the Soviet supremacy in the air combat by hitting Russian helicopters with the help of stinger missiles. The British defeated Argentina in Falkland and the Americans devastated the Taliban through the power of technology.

It is noteworthy that the traitors like Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq were born among the Muslims and not among the advanced nations. Obviously such traitors side with the dominating forces seeing their edge in the field of the technology and betray their own nation. Thus, a nation desirous of acquiring a noble and strong position must excel in science and technology.


Natural Factors and the advancement of time:

Some natural factors and the onward progress of time also play their role in the rise and fall of different nations.

Some countries may become super powers by virtue of their large population, big area and rich resources. U.S.A, USSR and China are the best examples of this phenomenon. Such a country may not continue to be a super power due to some reasons but it does not collapse absolutely.

Similarly, the deep-rooted democracy in the western countries generated awareness among them to cease keeping the other nations under their slavery. The slave nations also started developing a liking for democracy and consequently become free.

The western government abstains from interfering in the internal matters while dealing with other countries mainly because of the fear of their own public opinion. Now, an ordinary country may keep its solidarity intact by benefiting itself from the values of the democratic countries. Mostly, a western country finds it obligatory to seek the support of the rest of the world nations launching attack against any other country.

The computer and internet have opened the gateway to success in technology for the whole developing world and have ended the time gap for the acquisition of technology. Theses are the natural factors that give boost to the weak nations. Now it is up to them whether they make up best advantage of such opportunities.


The right strategy:

It is essential that a country must have an awareness of the global issue in order to guard itself or otherwise to remain super power. Such a strategy is necessary during war and peace both. The different forms of strategy are devised to act and contact for a successful dominance over each other. These may include the spying missions as everything advantageous for the country has an edge over every moral principle. Bribery may be a serious crime domestically but it might be used as a weapon to trap the opponents. All NGOs do accord full co-operation to their government in the western democratic countries during a crises. For example the whole western media was vocal in favor of their government against communism during the cold war. They staunchly supported late President Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan despite his military status. Very few give a counter opinion on America media after the incident of 11th September. Thus, the national interest always has a consensus and wins the top priority.

The country with a better strategy has always won a battle. Germany would have been a super power today, had it not started the two world wars. Similarly is the case of Japan. Britain saved its power very wisely by granting freedom to its colonies after the second world war when it realized its loose grip over them due to its small population.

China has made a remarkable progress in foreign policy. It has a policy not to include itself in any international dispute so as to save its power. This is why it has never tries to capture Taiwan. It did not help Pakistan during the war of 1971, the Siachin dispute in 1984 and the kargil war in 1999. In fact, it always tries to avoid any confrontation with U.S.A and allies.

China took a wise step by allowing capitalism to prosper in its main cities when it found communism to be hurdle in the way of its economic progress. This is why China remained secure from any hazard when there was a strong wave of retaliation against communism in the whole communist world including Russia. The communist party of China retained its strong hold over the government but managed to control any insurgence by granting more economic freedom to its masses. The old leadership has stepped down allowing space wisely for the young leadership in November 2002.

In order to maintain their bargaining power, the super powers grant aid and loans to win over their worst enemies. America grants aid to all the underdeveloped countries so as to keep the contact and use it accordingly. The super powers learn a lesson from their failures. America committed just one blunder in Vietnam and the monument of the Vietnam war is witnessed by the Americans every day in bulk. This monument in Washington bears the names of all 68000 soldiers with their details who had been killed during this war. On the contrary, Pakistanis as nation never commemorate the fall of East Pakistan and observe 16thDecember as we are always bent to forget our failures. The pro Taliban forces have not analyzed the defeat of Taliban seriously. The great nations always remember their failures and learn a lesson from them.


American requirements to remain a super power:

It is clear through the above discussion that America fulfills all requirements to be a super power. It has proved its role in all international disputes as inevitable. It has provided all necessary raw materials to itself. Its oil reservoirs are safe and within next twenty years a new technology may rule out the utility of oil which will put an end to the golden era of the oil producing Arab countries. Furthermore, it has strong democratic culture, the justice is readily available to all its citizens, there is no war on religious freedom, has an upper hand in technology and bet minds of the world are available to it for analyzing situation and planning best strategic suiting to its requirements in various fields.


Can America fall from its position as a super power:

America may not deserve its present status if it lacks in moral principles, democratic values, justices, science and technology, sane diplomacy in international relations and balance. If it goes against the general will of the world or makes a big blunder in international conflicts, then it may slowly loosen its grip on the world.


Chances of other countries to become super powers:

At the moment Germany, France, Russia and China are in a position challenge American supremacy in various fields. For example purpose they may act together through forming a block.


Chapter # 5



There is a general discussion among the different corners of the Muslim world whether U.S.A. is an enemy of the whole Muslim world or a friend to them or it keeps its working relationship with the individual Muslim countries.

Those who consider America to be an enemy to the Muslim world and Islam take it to be an extension of the same imperial and colonial power that has been at war with Muslims through crusades and ultimately captured Asia and Africa in the guise of European colonialism. This is why America has been backing up Israel for the last fifty years. It established its military bases in Saudi Arabia and all gulf countries after the 1990 gulf war and put the Taliban regime to end under the pretext of their support for Al-Quaida. Now it is after Iraq and next targets would probably be countries like Syria, Pakistan and Iran.

The other group that talks of friendship reputes the above theory and believes that the two parties have been friendly with each other too after the crusades and the Christian nations have been at war with one another as well. The control over Asia and Africa has been mainly due to technology and the British, French, Portuguese and Dutch forces have been fighting with one another through greater combats. The two world wars were also basically between the two nations of Europe which population is dominantly Christians. Many Muslim countries including Pakistan are the biggest recipient of U.S aid. The Muslim countries like Kosovo and Bosnia were liberated because of U.S. Similarly, it has granted tremendous freedom to its Muslim population and that is why Islam is fast spreading in U.S.A.

The third group supporting idea of a working relationship does not believe any permanent relationship in international relations. They think that America has kept working relationship with rest of the countries just to maintain its own status as a super power. The factors like religion, color and race are not taken serious by it. Communism has been its chief enemy during the last fifty years, which was propagated by white Russia and Eastern Europe. America never indulged itself in anti-American revolution that took place in countries like Ira, Syria, Libya and Iran. It has warm relations with several Buddhist countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. It played its role in eliminating the white rule in African countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa. It did not side with Christian group, in their disputes in Aritria, Somalia, Southern Sudan and Biafra while it has cordial relations with many Muslim countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Jordan and Morocco.

Since all the three points of view quoted above are logical, it seems proper to concentrate on some of the factors particularly pertaining with the current situation.


Traditional Muslim – Christian conflict:

It seems appropriate to have a glance at the history of the past Fourteen hundred years in order to understand the American steps in the context of Muslim Christian conflict.

Out of the territory captured by Muslims during the first 600 years most of the land is under the Muslim control today except India, Spain and Palestine. The Muslim rule in Spain came to an end due to their internal conflicts. The Muslim rulers in the sub-continent were not particularly interested in the propagation of Islam. Palestine and particularly Jerusalem has been a center of conflict. Muslims took over the control of Jerusalem in year 640 and retained it till 1096. The next 100 years were in the favor of Christians. Between 1096 and 1271 almost eight huge combats were fought between Muslims and Christians who ultimately gave success to Muslims. Muslims ruled over this area for a further period of 700 years until Britain captured it when the Ottoman Turks sided with Germany in the World War 1. It remained under British control for next thirty years. After their departure its two halves were captured by Jordan and Israel respectively. Jerusalem remained in Jordanian custody till Israel took it over in 1967 and it is under its control since then.

Hence, the conflict between the Crescent and the Cross plus the David Star has been in progress in this area only. Now it is necessary to analyze the current situation where America is at war with Muslim nations.


  1. The issue of Taliban and Al-Quaida:

The anti–American group has the following arguments in their favor:

The Al-Quaida is not indulged in the incident of September 11 as it lacks in the expertise and technology required for such actions.

This incident has benefited the Jews the most. Further four thousand Jew employees at WTC were absent from their duties on 11th September, which is clear enough to prove that they were responsible for attack.

Mullah Umar offered Bin Laden to be tried in Afghanistan but it was turned down.

The Americans brutally killed almost thirty thousand people and transformed hundreds of buildings into rubble during their attack on Afghanistan.

America had eyes on the control of Asian oil and hence it attacked Afghanistan for establishing its basis over there.

The Americans on the other side have the following arguments.

Al-Quaida is the only organization that had declared war against America in 1996 and 1998 and its members have confessed their crimes after their attacks on U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya and consequently they have been punished for them. All nineteen hijackers involved in the incident of 11th September, were identified as Arabs, who had acquired the flying training within America exploiting the norms of civil liberties and individual freedom. Bin Laden and others have accepted the responsibility of 9/11 attacks through audio and videotapes. They have been involved in other explosions like that in Bali (Indonesia). We wanted them to be tried in U.S.A.

The Jewish involvement is merely a concocted story. Some Jews might have been away from their duty as it was their festive day. This attack took 49 Israeli lives as well who were all Jews.

Jews took no benefit from the incident as all stupid actions go in favor of the opponents. It is no an argument at all as the American support for Israel has not depended on such incidents.

The offer by Taliban to try Bin Laden was merely a joke as he has been their financer for the last several years.

The death toll in Afghanistan during the attack was not more than five thousand, which was not desired, but loss is an essential ingredient of war.

America would never have lost its interest in Afghanistan after a988 if it had an intension to usurp oil pipelines. If it was the motive, it could have been achieved staying through other means.

  1. Palestine problem:

Undoubtedly this is main issue that caused hatred among Muslim world against U.S. The anti-U.S. group has the following arguments in their favor:

Britain and America are responsible for the bloodshed in the Middle East through their steps of establishing the state of Israel and protecting it respectively.

America has always supported the unlawful acts of Israel and its continuous policy of terroring Muslim population and committing heinous crimes against it.

Israel breathes through American aid but U.S. has never seriously pressurized or persuaded it for the establishment of the state of Palestine and establishment of peace in Middle East.                    

                   The Americans have to the following arguments to counter it:

Israel was established not merely due to the British efforts. The Ottoman Turks and Arabs contributed equally towards it. Britain would never have attacked Turkey, if it had not sided with Germany in the World War 1. If the Hashemite Arabs had not supported the British, Palestine could never have been captured by them. The population of Israel could never have been increased if Egypt and Morocco had not allowed their Jew settlers to leave.

Countries like Russia, China, India and several others have also accorded their support to Israel.

The Jewish community in U.S. comprising of almost 5.2 million people is united for the support of Israel and no U.S. government can annoy them as they are rich, organized and skilled. On the other side the Muslims and Arabs residing in America are disunited and have no little say in the American government.

The Arabs world itself is divided on this issue. Half of Palestine up till 1967 was under the control of Jordan whiles the other half was controlled by Egypt. If these two countries had established a Palestinian state, it would have been recognized by us.

The Arabs never showed far sightedness and rejected several U.N. resolutions on Palestine. If they had accepted 1984 resolution, Israel would have been one third of the present size and Palestine would have been an independent state today.

Palestinians committed a blunder by rejecting the Clinton plan in year 2000, which guaranteed the two third part of the Western Bank, half of Jerusalem including Aqsa mosque and whole Gaza to be part of Palestine. Israel had accepted the plan.

Israel is the only democratic state in the whole Middle East and thus we support it.

  1. Iraq Issue:

After the elimination of Taliban rule, America has set a new target in the guise of Saddam Hussain. The American point of view concerning Iraq is as under:

Iraq possesses destructive weapons including chemicals weapons, which have been used by it domestically and during Iran- Iraq war. Saddam is an irresponsible dictator who attacked Kuwait in the past and may threaten the world peace by preparing more weaponry. Hence regime must be put to an end.

 The counter opinion is as under:

In fact America has an eye on Iraqi oil otherwise Iraq had massacred Kurds in 1988 and had attacked Kuwait in 1990, which was the justified moment to dethrone Saddam.

American’s attack against Iraq would cause huge reaction in the Muslim world as it overlooks the chemical, biological and atomic weapons possessed by Israel and itself.

After the Afghan war the attack on Iraq would give an impression that America wants to solve every issue through war. It would be viewed as an international terrorist, which would give boost to an atmosphere of harassment ultimately harmful for itself.


Now that the Iraq war is over (05-05-03), America can prove its point of view and its sincerity if it finds weapons of mass destruction in a credible and verifiable way. If it establishes a demonstrative regime in Iraq as soon as possible and if it does not spend a penny from the Iraqi oil for itself under any pretext. If it succeeds in the above three goals, then it may gain credibility in the Muslim world. But if it starts using Iraqi oil for compensation of its war opinion in the west. Mankind through a gradual progress has identified itself with peace and any step against it would be looked down upon.


  1. Pakistan’s complaints to America:

The Pakistani intellectuals believe to be the following complaints as just.

Pakistan had joined the American camp from the very beginning but America never helped Pakistan in real terms. The Kashmir issue, the wars of 1965 and 1971 and the post-Soviet situation in Afghanistan portray the American negligence towards Pakistan.

The Americans point of view concerning these complaints is:

Pakistan joined American camp at its own will. We had made it clear that we can’t neglect a big country like India.

We have always supported Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir issue by accepting Kashmir as a disputed territory. We believe that this issue must be resolved through dialogue.

We had provided weaponry to Pakistan just to protect itself against communist threat.  We stopped the supply of spare parts to it when it used this weaponry against India in 1965.

The separation of East Pakistan was an outcome of the blunders and political imbalance shown by Pakistan itself. Moreover, 94% of the Bengali population wanted a separate homeland for themselves. We could never overlook this being a democratic country. However we checked Indra Gandhi’s plan to dismember West Pakistan.

We had never concealed our intentions to withdraw from Afghanistan after Soviet pull out. The civil war among the mujahideen organizations was not due to us as they were created by Pakistan and it was its obligation to control them.

We have positively appreciated Pakistan’s friendship Pakistan is one of the four countries that have been grated maximum American aid during the previous 50 years. Every main Pakistani project has been directly or indirectly funded by U.S. Most of the loans have been granted just at the interest rate of 1% An aid of billions of dollars is other than that.



            We are an emotional nation who takes international relations as love affair rather than business. We believe the Americans to be always conspiring against us. We try out American hand behind every change in our country.

We can only break the shackles of dependence if we come out of the above-mentioned mentality.


Different opinion about terrorism:

Terrorism has not been defined unanimously. Americans believe every militant action by a private organization or a group against common people as terrorism. It means that a specific militant action against militant installations is not terrorism. This is why Americans do not label “Hizb-ul-Muhahideen” an indigenous organization in Kashmir as a terrorist organization while “Lashkar-e-Tayyeba”, which is not based in Kashmir is considered otherwise as these people target civilians as well. Such organizations repute the charge of terrorism and claim themselves to be struggling for a cause which is the independence of Kashmir. Several countries consider their struggle to be just. Pakistan considers their struggle as the true freedom struggle. Most of Arabs countries approve the actions of Hammas in Palestine.

America and the European countries are determined to eradicate such terrorism, while these organizations are committed to continue their struggle. Who is on the right path? America or the militant organizations. If none, what could be the just way?

As long as the real factors behind the establishment of theses organizations are not identified, terrorism would not end even if curbed for the time being. The main reasons, in fact are poverty, dictatorship and the denial of right of self-determination to the Muslim in Kashmir and Palestine. It is obligatory upon America (as sole super power) to play its role in solving the Kashmir and middle east dispute which in turn will greatly contribute in building its image in Muslim countries particularly amongst its masses.

Whatsoever the motive may be but killing of innocent people can never be justified. Such actions prove to be emotive and breed reaction. It is a historically proven fact that a struggle based on peace; non-violence and national unity can meet its ultimate end. If Kashmiris and Palestinians get united at heir respective places and launch a peaceful movement, they can get freedom within a few years without any external assistance.

 Suicidal squads do harm their own nation as the most talented and determined people from every nation are picked for such purpose while the people dying from the other side are just commoners. Japan committed a blunder by striking its planes against the rival ships during the World War 2 as they acute shortage of pilots later on.

The Muslims should not be bothered about the American attitude and should just try to unite themselves and realize the path of wisdom that leads a better future. It would be discussed later.


Chapter # 6


In the previous chapter the arguments about the relationship between American and the Muslim world have been discussed. There is one point of view that America intends to maintain working relationship with the Muslim countries provided that its position as a super power is not challenged.

This point of view is based on the following arguments:

Any nation or country on the top would like to retain its status as super power.

An equal number of fights have taken place among Christian powers to those fights between Muslims and Christians during the last one thousand years. This shows that religion is not the only factor of war.

The forced change of religion is no more a trend for the last three to four hundred years. When British overtook India, they did not attach importance to “Shudders” who had accepted Christianity and put them to work as sweepers.

American history fails to present even single evidence when it had sided with a Christian nation as a priority id it was not strategically important for it. Even in the case of Israel it is not the religion but the domestic realities that force America to support it.

America intervenes only when it excepts some strategic gains. For example, it did not get itself indulged in Iran-Iraq war but interned in Kuwait-Iraq war for its benefits. In the same way the establishment of Bosnia and Kosovo (both Muslim states) was in its interest and thus it played its role.

America has neither absolute power not it is a land of supermen. Its system and people do reflect several weaknesses and the Americans know that world can’t be enslaved even through their most advanced technology.

Technology can be acquired by anyone through hard work and determination.

America puts no restriction on the propagation of Islam by the Muslims who preach and practice Islam freely. This is why thousands people embrace Islam every year in America.

International relations are just like a business deal now, which can sustain through common interest and trade. Each country thinks in terms of its own benefits.

Now it is difficult to slave a nation with such a big population, as even the regional borders with the common race on the both sides cannot be neglected.


What should be our attitude?

If it is true that America wants to maintain working relationship with Muslim countries, then what should be their response? Definitely it should receive a position response. The Muslim countries should think that how they can benefit from this relation and in what ways. If accept the rule of c0-existence and try to solve the unresolved issues through a sincere dialogue there is no way that they will not be listened the good working relations with U.S.A. could have the following benefit for Muslims.

They can learn and acquire technology from America.

They can strengthen their economic condition by developing trade with her.

They can learn better values from each other through this interaction.

They can get an opportunity to preach Islam and present a picture of moderate and human friendly Islam before them.

They can win more American support in international disputes.


The requirements of working relationship:

Following could be the guiding principles in maintaining working relationship with U.S.A., western and other non-Muslim countries.

Every Muslim country should develop and promote a democratic culture in their respective countries.

They must have a desire and commitment to develop a healthy competition which can take place in a democratic culture.

They should have a trend of dialogue and tolerance instead of showing emotional behavior.

They must keep the doors of negotiations open for the whole world.

They must follow all international treaties in their true spirit and should not indulge in any sort of armed conflict.

There would be some situations where they shall have to differ with America. But such a situation must be tackled with a graceful and logical way. If a culture of dialogue and justice within the country is also promoted then there will greater chances for assertion.


Chapter # 7


It might be a wrong assumption that America wants to have working relationship with Muslim countries. It is possible that America has plans to keep the Muslim community dominated economically, militarily and politically. It may have an eye on their resources and the dream has been materialized by its actions against Afghanistan and Iraq. Next might be the turn of Iran and Pakistan respectively. There could be a plan to teach a lesson to them if they refuse to submit.

These apprehensions must be given a serious thought so that any difficult situation could be averted with wisdom and grace.

It will only be possible if we have a democratic government in the country, the masses are educated, have a good reputation as peace loving country in the world and have influential sections in America or other powerful countries are no our side.


American power and its importance:

It is an establishment fact that there is no parallel to America in power and technology in different fields. It’s unique geographical location; population and free culture have given boost to its progress and power.

Power has great significance in this world right from the beginning. There have been hardly such periods when justice ruled instead of power within and outside a country. Internationally, those countries talk of justice that has no personal interest in a conflict. It is not simply America, even the chieftains of a small village in our country have veto power like the five big ones at the international level. Obviously, power is an established principle in this world at present. Hence a country desirous of being influential has to gain maximum power. The term power include advancement in economic, media, education and all other sectors.


Misery yet duality of the Muslim world:

It is a fact that the Muslim world today is at the worst level of mismanagement, disunity and injustice. The gross national income of all Muslim countries (including oil producing countries) is less than that of even a single developed country. They have weak institutions, low literacy rate and poor health facilities.  Pakistan is the only country that possesses nuclear technology but Muslims are overall dependent upon others in the field of defence. It is a fact that the western countries have double standards which they are maintaining with the support of Muslim rulers. They prefer democracy for themselves but support tyrants and dictators in Muslim countries. Elections are held in Iran but the power rests with the unselected forces. Army is the real force in Turkey. The situation of Pakistan is in front of everyone. Arab countries exercise worst forms of dictatorship and imperialism. The concept of accountability is non-existent in Muslim world. The oil of the Arab countries is considered to be the personal property of their rules. For example, thirty six thousand members of the Saudi royal family can travel free of cost throughout the world. Similarly is the situation in other Arab countries. Except some rich countries, most of the Muslim countries can’t facilitate their public even with the basic necessities of life. Unfortunately, it is mainly because of wrong priorities and not due to just shortage of funds.

The Muslim countries have paid no attention towards the industrial development. Scientists are available in these countries in a smaller number and there has hardly been any invention by Muslims during the last one hundred years. Their dependence upon the developed countries in this field and their exploitation is, therefore understandable.

Corruption, bribery, nepotism and luxury are the general culture in the Muslim world. The rich allocate very little amount of their wealth for the poor but the priorities are very strange. For example, the rich rulers of Emirates build huge mosques in Pakistan and Bangladesh while they should have invested this money for industry as mosques are anyway constructed by the inhabitants of every locality out of their own resources.

The general public also sets his priorities in a very strange manner. They love to spend money on marriage and funeral of any other moment instead of utilizing it for their own welfare.

There are the occasions when extreme level of selfishness, insensitivity and irresponsibility is demonstrated in critical moments. Most of the Muslim countries except Pakistan have such a weak defence that they can be overtaken by any power at any time.

Muslim countries have inconsistent and shortsighted policies on key domestic and international issue including on Palestine and Kashmir. The difference of Palestinians with Jordan and Syria are well known to the world. The Arab countries are ignorant to Palestinians except utilizing this issue for exploitation of its masses. Palestinians themselves are divided into several factions.

It is a strange thing to note that Pakistani people and government is in favor of Iraq and Palestine while both the countries have always sided with India on Kashmir.

Hence, it can be stated that in the prevalence of the above situation the survival of Muslims is a miracle and their loud claims and wishes concerning development are nothing more than an illusion.


Slogans, fake claims, wrong steps and useless wars:

The rules, political leaders, intellectuals, journalists, religious leaders and others from the Muslim world have generally an emotional and oratory style. They are in a habit of exaggerating things instead of analyzing them realistically. Moreover, they are not ready to accept their mistakes.

The leaders generally transform the inward desires of its masses into false claims and thus frequently misguide them. The claims to defeat America after Russia and to wave the green flag on the red fort of Delhi are generally heard. President Nasir of Egypt claimed in 1967 to throw Israel in the Mediterranean but received a worst defeat in just three days after that statement was issued. Same happened with Saddam Hussain. Such false claims are generally made by the Muslim leaders to win public favor.

Every leader of the Muslim world displays a selfish approach and can do anything to prolong his rule. Therefore, the alternative leadership does not emerge. There is no democracy, no spirit of collective sacrifice and no concept of public welfare. During the last fifty years, Muslim countries have undergone several civil war and mutual combats, claiming a huge death toll. The disputes between Malaysia and Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt (in Yemen), Syria and Akhvan-ul-Muslimoon, Saddam and his opponents, and the skirmishes in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco have played havoc in the Muslim world. Such rivalries have cost them hundred thousands lives.

The blunders committed by the Pakistani government evoked a sense of deprivation among Bengalis of East Pakistan. Eventually country sustained a serious setback when East Pakistan became Bangladesh after a fatal civil war. The two opponents factions within the army of Indonesia remained at war with each other. Consequently, a dictator Sohartu usurped the rule and remained in power for more than thirty-five years.

The Afghans have always been fighting with one another within their country. The communists became powerful due to the policies of king Zahir Shah. SardarDaud promoted it further but his government was toppled in 1977 through a communist revolution. Finally Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan but retreated after seven years. The civil war continued for four years even after its departure.

The useless Iran-Iraq war in 1980 received a tax of at least one million human lives on both sides and the whole world played the role of spectators.

 Iraq captured Kuwait in 1990 under the pretext of a dispute. The whole world appealed Iraq to quit Kuwait but every thing just fell flat. Eventually Iraq had to withdraw as a result of American military action that killed hundreds of thousands people. The economy of the whole Arab world sustained major setback. Saddam rendered a weak argument in support of this illogical invasion. It is said that Iraq took this step after the “go ahead” single given by U.S.A. Even such an encouragement on the part of U.S cannot be taken as a justification for invasion into a brotherly Muslim country.

Another aspect of this story teaches Muslims a lesson worth learning. The conquest of Kuwait by Saddam Hussain was celebrated in Pakistan at the level of masses as if Iraq had captured Israel. People started naming their newborn kids after Saddam Hussain. The then Chief of Army staff General Aslam Beg also issued statements in favor of Iraq.

It can be said safely that Muslim have lost their lives in wars and conflict initiated by there own rulers instead of by their outside enemies. Still they betray ourselves by labeling their miseries as others conspiracy. They need to peep in themselves and identify the real problem instead of blaming others.


The real line of action:

Having born in mined the three shortcomings mentioned above, it becomes crystal clear that the deliverance lies in the following six points.

  1. Getting a respite for peace.
  2. Adopting a democratic culture.
  3. Determining a remarkable progress in science and technology as the top priority.
  4. Avoiding emotionalism.
  5. Brothering about self rather than others in order to rectify the situation at home.
  6. Making a graceful struggle to win the world opinion.

It is in larger interest of Muslims to take a decision that they would try their level best to resolve all their outstanding issue with other nations in a peaceful manner. This will allow them a peaceful environment and time to develop themselves. This in turn will also help them to find out reasonable and respectable solutions to the issue of Kashmir, Iraq Palestine and Afghanistan. A comprehensive discussion on Kashmir is included in another book, which suggests a practical and honorable solution through the internal autonomy for Kashmiris. Saddam Hussain could have averted American attack by restoring democracy in the country sans his own role. Similarly, the rival factions in Afghanistan can eliminate the justification for American troops in their country an amicable mutual settlement.

The Palestine issue is complicated but the most practicable solution has been suggested by former American president Clinton that was acceptable to Israeli Labor party but liquid party take a positive turn.

The Muslim countries may become at par with the west within next fifty to hundred years if they, create an environment of peace for themselves while going on development. The west has followed the same path during its golden period. For example, East Timor a Portugese colony declared independence in 1974 but Indonesia captured it. The U.N.O. passed a resolution against the Indonesia step but the independence was restored to East Timor when Jakarta had undergone internal crises. The West managed it under the supervision of U.N.O. after twenty five years.

Secondly, Muslims must adopt real and true democratic culture within and outside their geographical boundaries. This will bread a spirit of healthy competition among their masses and the Muslim countries may drift closer to one another like the European countries. This factor must be realized seriously.

Thirdly, all Muslim countries must give first priority to the acquisition of expertise in science and technology, which is superior to all wealth. The acquisition of the modern technology has become accessible for everyone due to computer and internet. This destination can be reached if they concentrate on it seriously.

Fourthly, emotionalism must be avoided and a moderate policy should be followed. Emotional attitude leads to extremism that proves fatal in the end. The Muslims under the fit of same emotionalism have committed crucial blunders during the past three hundred years.


Chapter # 8


It is very interesting that the basic principles of strategy for Muslims remain the same whether America remains a working partner or an enemy to us. They have to gain a respite for peace, develop in democracy and technology and avoid emotionalism.

This is the only way to live gracefully, independently and honorable. Muslims across the world can only expect a working relationship with the rest of the world at equal level if they vow to be developed and prosperous.

Here an important factor is worth discussing. Will the West allow them to prosper?

It must be admitted that opportunities are always open to everyone. These can be availed by virtue of wisdom. The solution to a problem benefits both the sides. The resolution of Kashmir issue will redress the sufferings of both Pakistan and India. In this connection the example of China is before them focused its energies on development and it has always tried to avoid any international dispute and acquisition of a firm grip on science and technology. The Chinese kept themselves away from Indo-Pak dispute. Afghan issue and others. They have even adopted the policy of tolerance with Taiwan. They tackled the problem with America in an amicable manner when they targeted an American spy plane within the space limits of their country.

Hence, Muslims should have to show tolerance when we precede on the way to peace despite the provocative attitude of other powers 

It must be remembered that America can to entangle itself with any other democratic country that gives due weight age to human rights and peaceful co-existence as any such attempt would be disapproved by its public opinion and complex politics of the world. Their public can be convinced through a dialogue only.

It may expected that a time will come when no super power will be able to crush a weaker nation as the mankind will have reached the zenith of its civilization. Any such attempt will be resisted by the public opinion within that country. It would lead to the advent of a new era of peaceful co-existence where co-operation would only be accorded for constructive and positive purpose while there would be a big “NO” to everything wrong and negative.


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