A Letter to Hamas - Dr. Khalid Zaheer

A Letter to Hamas


Assalamo Alaikum Brothers and Sisters of Hammas

Please find time to read this brief message of mine and if possible give it a thought.

The Almighty condemns those who kill innocent people and cause mischief on earth. I have no doubt whatsoever that those Muslims who are killing the Israeli civilians by resorting to suicide bombing are guilty of that crime. I am not talking about their fate in the hereafter, which is something only the Almighty can decide.

When you kill them, you cause the following to happen:

1.     You give licence to the Israelis to kill our innocent children, women, and men.

2.     You lose the moral support of the world community because it is confused in deciding as to who is the bigger criminal of the two.

3.     More significantly, you violate the Almighty's law which under no circumstances allows you to kill the innocent.

4.     You embarrass Yasser Arafat, who, whether you like him or not, is your leader, and it is your duty according to the Qur'an (4:59) and the prophet alaihissalaam's ahadith to follow him. You cannot succeed without being organized under your leader.

5.     Worst of them all, you cause great harm to the reputation of Islam, which despite being the Almighty's true religion has come to be seen by a large number of non-Muslims as a faith that sanctions violence and blood-shed in the name of religion.

6.     You ignore the fact that the Almighty has mentioned the significance of patience on numerous occasions in the Qur'an. You also forget that it is only those who practice patience who have been promised help from the Almighty. (...wa tammat kalimatu rabbikalhusna 'ala bani Israela bima sabaroo (7:137), ... innallaha ma'assabireen (2:153) etc.)

7.     You cannot succeed unless God Almighty is with you, and the Almighty is not going to be with you unless you follow His commands. His biggest command under the existing circumstances is Sabr. What you are doing right now is just the opposite of it. For God's sake, change your attitude and save the hundreds and thousands of innocent Muslims who would remain the target of Israeli soldiers for as long as the totally un-Islamic and inhuman practice of suicide bombing persists.

You can fight Israel, but you can't fight God Almighty. When you are impatient and violent against those who are not directly responsible for any of your sufferings, you are fighting against God. Please stop it.



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Written/Published: 2011

Author : Dr. Khalid Zaheer
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